Belinda Braza

Belinda Braza: 

Artistic director, choreographer, producer and dancer.
Her work exstends from urban, contemporary, theater, musicals, artists, TV and music videos. 
She is an allround creative artist, with a love for the urban art and history as well as theater.

With more then 20 main-stage theater productions , 4 fullscale dance performances and numerous Tv and events, she is one of the most established and awardwinning choreographers i Norway.

At the moment she is working at The Norwegian Theater ( Det Norske Teatret) where she is the artistic director for " Bikubekveld" ( the fourth stage at The Norwegian Theater) , programming events and activities for youth ( Bikubebarn), programming the "Movement" subject for Det Multinorske , which is a 3-year bachelor program for actors with a non-european background, as well as being the house-choreographer.


Photo: Gundersen&meg

Photo: Gundersen&meg